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With a more strongly tapered bore than the cornet, the flugelhorn has the same B-flat pitch and playing technique but a ‘darker’, more mellow tone.  It is as agile as the cornet but more difficult to control in the high register, where in general it locks onto notes less easily. In a brass band it is less often used than cornets for bright display passages, but tends more towards a softer and more reflective role.

The E-flat tenor horn also has a tapered bore that produces a rounded velvety tone, supporting cornet melodies and filling the harmonic gap above the lower trombone, baritone, euphonium and tuba parts.  Within a brass band, the tenor horn section usually plays a unique part in the middle of the harmony.


Our Players:


Duncan Law

Tenor Horn:

Peter Freer (Solo Horn)

Heather Shipman (1st Horn)

Alizon Leese (2nd horn)